Our People

Bradley Grosh, PM

Years of experience: 12

Expertise: System Administration & IT Support

Our Expertise 

Our deep understanding of federal government and financial operation enable us to help our federal clients to achieve and sustain superior performance.

Our mission is to to help government agencies to achieve financial management goals by increase the accuracy, reliability, and efficiency of financial reporting, improve business process internal controls; and ensure compliance with laws and regulations.

Caroline Beek, CPA

Years of experience: 10

Expertise: Human Resource Management & Training

Han Xiao, CPA, CGFM

Years of experience: 15

Expertise: Financial Audit & Audit Readiness

Our Strength

Our Mission

Tilahun Befikadu, CPA, CISA, CGFM

Years of experience: 25
Expertise: IT Audit & Audit Readiness

A dedicated government service provider.


A CPA & Technology firm

Our Solutions

Achieving audit ready in a large and complex organization is not easy. With GBS, LLC, you will learn solutions to common financial and audit management challenges

Our Experience

GBS has over 25 years of continued experience in federal financial management, IT Consulting, and auditing.

Our Commitment

With continued innovation and unwavering commitment to service quality, we have delivered real results to our satisfying clients.